Craig's Setup Shop - Welcome (2024)

Rules & FAQ

Please check these Frequently Asked Questions & Rules before contacting us in the Craig’s Setup Shop Discord Server or through the support option on the website. If your question or issue does not have a solution or answer noted down here, feel free to contact us through our Discord server you may have regarding our services.

What is Craig's Setup Shop?

Craig’s Setup Shop is a service designed to provide competitive, race-ready setups for a variety of cars on the iRacing Service. We have a team of highly talented setup developers building setups for many of the most popular cars in the most popular racing series’ currently found on the iRacing service.

We aim to provide setups so that you can spend more time on track racing with your peers and less time in the garage!

What payment options are offered?

We currently have two payment methods: PayPal and Twitch.


With PayPal, you are able to subscribe to our one month, quarterly and annual subscription options. With this method, your subscription will run out after the selected plan duration, so you will need to actively monitor your subscription expiration date. If you choose to re-subscribe, your account will be reactivated. If you choose to re-subscribe while your account is still active, the purchased duration amount will be added on to your current subscription. At this time, we are currently limited with this approach, but are constantly working to improve our service.

Can I use my Twitch (Prime) sub to access the setups?

Yes, if you subscribe to Craig A Williams on Twitch you can enjoy the setups for the duration of your sub to him as a sub perk. However, if you can please consider subscribing over the website, as it helps us more.

I have subscribed over Twitch, yet my subscription is not activated, why?

There can be multiple reasons why this may be ocurring:
1. You have not connected your Twitch Account on the website. Go to Subscribe and connect it.
2. You are logged in with the wrong Discord account. Click here Click here to verify that your user account is the same as what is connected in your Discord application. You can find your account information in the bottom left corner of the Discord application, just below the channels pane. Your name and 4 digit user number must match for the connection to function properly.
3. The website has not synced with Twitch yet. It may take up to an hour to synchronize. Please be patient, if the synchronization takes longer than one hour, contact us in our Craig's Setup Shop Discord in the channel #website_issues to investigate further as to why your subscription has not activated. 4. "Could not connect Twitch to your account". If this happens, please ask for support in our Craig's Setup Shop Discord in the channel #website_issues and provide us with your Twitch channel.

Are you partnered with Twitch for this website?

No, Twitch has no partnership with us.

I'm a streamer, can I show the setup on stream?

We respectfully request that you do not show the setup publicly on stream, out of respect of the diligent work and time put in by our setup team. Our suggestion to you is to use a setup cover overlay which covers the iRacing setup garage.
If you are in need of a setup cover, we recommend using either of the following: Kapps by Kutu (paid) or iRacing Apps by Kutu (free). If you have any questions, feel free to ask us or any of the active streamers on our Discord!

Am I allowed to modify the setups?

Yes! We encourage you to develop these setups to suit your own personal driving styles, with a few stipulations. All we ask is that you do not upload the setups elsewhere, or pass them off as your own creation, as this effects every user of the service.
Even if you click around for hours on the setup, making it more suitable to your own driving style, the original base was, and will always be, a setup originating from our service. Being in breach of this stipulation may lead to termination of your account on our service.

Here is our one, simple requirement regarding the modification of setups originating from our service:
We require that the ‘CAW/DJG indicators’ remain in the filenames of your modified setups. You are more than welcome to share your modified setups in the #extra-doks channel found in the ‘Premium Paid Access’ section for paid subscribers in the Craig’s Setup Shop Discord Server. If modified versions of the setups originating from our service are found elsewhere (i.e. iRacing forums, other Discord servers, etc.) we reserve the right to investigate the situation, and if need be, terminate your account on our service.

Additionally, you are not allowed to use the platform to make or generate financial gain, for example building third party applications. Craig's Setup Shop reserves the right to define "third party application" and can terminate your account at any time. You will not receive your money back.

Are there any offers for Teams?

We have no special team discount offers at the moment. We understand that having every teammember subscribe to Craig's Setup Shop is a bit of an overkill. That's why we kindly request that half your team subscribes to Craig's Setup Shop through PayPal or Twitch (Prime) so you can share the setups we offer to your teammates.

Please do note that we reserve the right to investigate if (un)modified versions of the setups originating from our service are found elsewhere (i.e. iRacing forums, other Discord servers, third party softwares, etc.) and will reserve the right to terminate your account at any time for breaking this rule.

I want to sponsor this website, what do I have to do?

Simply enough, just message Craig (privately of course) on the Craig’s Setup Shop Discord Server to discuss any possible sponsorship opportunities. Please provide us your website or social media links and we can get the ball rolling!

Do you make setups for endurance events?

Our setup team creates weekly setups for a variety of cars and series during the official 12-week schedule on iRacing. We also provide Endurance setups for cars the that participate in the Special (Team) Events calender that iRacing has been running throughout the year.
In general, you are allowed to share the setup with your teammates if you plan on doing an endurance race. You are also allowed to modify a setup from a normal series as long as it is for this one, special endurance event.

Craig's Setup Shop - Welcome (2024)
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