Lots of Cold Geysers for Rime! (2024)

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Posted October 8, 2021

16 hours ago, crbd115 said:

I don't really agree with these as they are something used as a goal for late game industry. Giving them to the player kind of defeats the point. I do however think that there can be cold gas vents that just aren't liquid since they still have a large cold temp range before theyto get to liquid.This means that they still cool the environment and still create problems to solve without just skipping to a late game resource.

I don't see why they would be such a big problem. Hydrogen and oxygen are not late game resource, it's just the same abundant resources you get everywhere just cooled down. I think it's fair to have these geysers givingan alternative easier method to get liquid hydrogen and oxygen on one specific planetoid. You would still need to set up the regular cooling system if you wanted it anywhere else around the system or shoot the resource over. Regardless you would need lots of preparation before you can even begin to launch a hydrogen rocket.

The liquid output also poses a pressure threat. Large quantities of liquid oxygen means tons of breathable oxygen if you heat it up, but you have to also modulate the pressure. It's also a balancing act or a choice. Do you or how much oxygen do you contribute to rockets and how much for breathing? I think it would be an interesting mechanic. You can't take use of liquid oxygen or liquid hydrogen without heating them up to gas anyway and deal with pressure issuesuntil you actually research the hydrogen rockets, which will be at least a hundred cycles in by that point.

5 hours ago, Spoonwood said:

People were asking for a Rime-like asteroid. Rime in the base game is not like what you've asked for, and is like the Rime cluster starting asteroid in Spaced Out! So, that's why they did what they did. Because of what they had, and because people asked for something similar to Rime, not some other type of asteroid. I do not see a mistake or misstep on their part, it made for more of a continuation.

Now, since you want a colder asteroid, have you played the 100k mod for the base game? It's a little more along the lines of what you've asked for. Geysers do exist, but they can get disabled from generating. There is no starting water, there is only ice. No washing hands until water is made, a water source is found, or one uses hand sanitizers. Early food is finger-licking good! Steam from cool steam vents often quickly will turn to ice, if you don't mop the water immediately. Chlorine starts out in solid blocks mostly and so does carbon dioxide. There exists a constant cold air debuff. Thus, I think you might have missed turning up the stress level when you mention the game not having frostibte, since with extreme cold, more stress comes. Duplicants end up with soggy feet constantly since they breath out carbon dioxide that quickly liquifes (and then solidifies).

But, the 100k mod though it has its challenges, also has easier aspects. There exist basically two gases on the asteroid until heating starts. Oxygen and hydrogen. Thus, when one digs down it's much easier, since duplicants won't hyperventilate. There's no need to worry about nasty chlorine gas leaking everywhere causing irritated skin or lack of breathability. You can just chuck solid chlorine in some storage bins in a corner behind some tiles and forget about it. Or dissolve it in space as GrindThisGame did in his 100k run. No need to spend power on a gas pump to move or get rid of that stuff. Digging on a 100k asteroid also ends up very simple compared to the base game, because of the lack of chlorine gas. And getting lead or fossil from the oil biome is even easier than on classic Rime (unless one plays with irregular oil, which makes oil biomes normal temperature).

And the kicker lies in that there's even some liquid oxygen naturally on the 100k asteroid often. And since it's so cold, making liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, which are necessary for the end game hydrogen rocket, are even easier. Machines also aren't as likely to overheat, or fixing their heat problem is comparatively simple. There's not really a possibility of an area getting too hot, because you're dumping metal refinery coolant into it. Steam turbines aren't so well motivated. So, no, I don't see why having a cold asteroid with cold geysers would be more interesting. Different, sure. Interesting because it's different, sure. Fun to play with for a while? Sure. But, more interesting overall? Well, there's also fewer critters around, if any, with super cold temperatures, and well a lot of people find the critters game in this game appealing. So, no, I don't see how overall such would be better.

Oh, and why aren't cool slush geysers on the Rime-cluster starting asteroid? Well, have you ever used a cool slush geyser on Rime? There are things you can do, but it's not as interesting on Rime as a cool steam vent, since you can do more with the cool steam vent, and I'd guess a lot of players end up with pipes breaking if using a cool slush geyser on Rime. That said, the tricks I know of for using them is as metal refinery coolant or as coolant for oxygen coming from an electrolyzer system, both of which heat the polluted water making it easier to use, and those tricks work on all asteroids.

Cool Steam Vent is one of the worst geysers out there, especially on their own since you need to throw power at the problem to get resources out or balance out things in a stupid manner because that 110C output is infuriating temperature when you consider that the tepidizer won't go above 85C (without the use of an exploit) and Steam Turbine won't draw in steam until it's at least 125C, all very frustrating, boring and non-sensical.You could nerf the tepidizers to output the same amount of heat that is the power they draw (960kDtus total), remove heating cap of 85C for it and let steam turbine draw in steam at any temperature, producing minimal amount of power as it converts it to 95C water, which would be steps closer to fixing the annoying building mechanics which I take issue with and make something like a cool steam vent actually fun to tame and a comparable source of water to other better geysers.

I have seen some footage of 100k mod. Let it stay a mod. With it, frostbite can't be a thing because day 1 your colony has liquid CO2, realistically frostbite damage start happening at around -10C temperatures and below. Rime focuses on cool temperatures to start, then even colder outside (with frostbite you would need atmo suits pretty early on and same with heating, which would be fun to work with), but there are no actual frost biomes in this version for some reason and more importantly no actual cold geysers all aroundmeaning that cold is a problem until it isn't, which is a shame because there is no asteroid gameplay style that has ever presented the continuous challenge of cold temperatures and that's disappointing. Why boil down every planetoid to "eventually everything becomes a heat problem"? Aren't presets like this supposed to provide varietyand even more thought-provoking challenges?Such an easy fix with the geysers to present a continuouschallenging problem for the need of heating the output before you can consume itand yet we have this. I know you can create heat through tepidizers more than you actually put in to run them, though that's still a massive power sink regardless.

5 hours ago, Oxydiser said:


I need to disagree with Zombie dupe as in 3 seeds out of 5 I have cool slushes on my map and I always find a cold biome. Most of frozen biomes were changed into Radiation biomes where technically you also can find some more vents. And lastly Rime world is cold, rapidly frozen rock. Not necessarily an ocean of frozen water.

Although frostbite debuff is a great idea.

Dear gods from distant Klei, we pray to your temporal tear to implement that in future updates.

Just my little 2 coins.

They are not guaranteed and for a Rime, a cold planetoid, who's whole thing is cold, freezing temperatures, should just have guaranteed cold geysers and cold problems as it would be more fun to work with and different from anything we have had before. Do you really just want the same old late game? I certainly don't. It gets dull when you do the same thing all over again when there is no need as the solution is just right there, which is having more and new cold geysers!

Lots of Cold Geysers for Rime! (2024)
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